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Skimmet is a UX tool to evaluate skimmer friendliness of your website.

Skimming is a fast reading technique. While skimming user aim is extract information as soon as possible. During this exercise user intentionally skip a lot  of content. To draw user attention on most important information designer play around visual weight and visual hierarchy.

Skimmet helps you evaluate visual weight and visual hierarchy of the screen elements. It offers 2 tools.

  1. Blur – It makes your display blurry. Evaluating your screen in blur mode helps you
    • Analyse eye catchiness of region/element in the visible screen space.
    • Feel strength of your Call To Action button.
    • Anticipate eye motion of user.
    • Your article may contain multi-level heading. Skimming your article in blur mode gives you good idea on how effective is your visual hierarchy.
  2. Grayscale – Evaluating your screen in blur and gray scale mode gives you ultimate idea of the visual weight of your designed screen elements. This technique is very helpful in creating effective data visualization as well.  It helps you
    • Weight heaviness and lightness of your color.
    • Analyze depth of your contrast.
    • Evaluate balance & rhythm of visual direction.

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