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Germane Cognitive Load

We have some form of pattern of thought about ourselves, other people, animal, food, gadgets  and almost everything. This pattern of thought / mental structure consist of attribute related to that subject. Eg – 4 legs, tail, hairy body are attributes of an animal.
When new information becomes available, we try to fit new information into existing pattern of thought. If it fits,  it gets acceptance into existing pattern else a new pattern of thought is constructed.

This formed pattern / mental structure are also known as schema. We use it to organize and simplify knowledge of the world around us.

Germane load is the load dedicated to the processing, construction and automation of schemas. Therefore its important to increase this load. As said earlier, managing cognitive load is an act of balance. Reduction in extraneous load results in surplus cognitive capacity which is than used to perform mental activities which leads to understanding
Germane load can be promoted by connecting verbal information to visualization/symbols/graphics.

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